Introduction to Reliable Software Engineering

  1. Motivation
  2. IT is not here yet
  3. A chain of crises at Ukraine
  4. The new professional culture
  5. Memorandum of goals of Institute
  6. Manifest of acceptance
  7. Institute’s strategy

Principles of Reliable Software

  1. Introduction to principles
  2. Development cycle
  3. Management of reliable projects
  4. Risk analysis
  5. Cost reduction
  6. Personal signature of engineers

Architecture of Reliable Software

  1. Elements of testable and maintable architecture
  2. Refactoring to reliable architecture
  3. Design patterns.
  4. Maintenance patterns.

Testing in Reliable Software

  1. Testing, diagnostics, verification
  2. Principles of testing
  3. Why developers resist test automation?
  4. Testing approaches.
  5. Verification approaches.
  6. Test types.


  1. Identifying critical components of software system
  2. Survivability principles
  3. Testing of critical components